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This is a unique electric see-saw balance (wip-wap) as it was used in the 19th century for demonstration of the electrical attraction and repulsion. It still works fine when the two Leyden jars are properly charged. 4

Detail of one of the see-saw men. 4

The other see-saw man. 4

Nice little portable Siemens & Halske (Berlin) register. 4

Motorized Geissler Tube. Turning a lighted Geissler Tube enhances the show ! 4

Nice ensemble of two Volta pistols and two Volta "cannons". 3

Key by Siemens & Halske, Germany circa 1885. 8

Statue Le Télégraphe. On the bottom left you will notice an electromagnet and right the Morse register. 5

Telephone with adjustable microphone and a remarkable lightning detector. Manufactured 1904 by Bell Telephone Mfr Co Antwerp Belgium. 3

Tillotson weight driven embosser. The bell at the left is from an unknown maker. 6

Two lightning arrestors; the upper one is from the 1860s. 7

Very old Austrian ABC (dial) telegraph. It was used by the Fire Brigade of Salzburg ! 4

Another Hughes printing telegraph. This one could be driven by weights or by an electric motor. 3

A closer view of the complex mechanism of this Hughes telegraph. 3

A third model of a Hughes telegraph: it is driven by a weight of 60 kg. 7

Two nice Geissler tubes. 3

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