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Different Morsekeys. 2-3

Rather big Ruhmkorff induction coil by E. Leybold’s Nachfolger-Cöln (Germany). 3

Some more Crookes and Geisller tubes. The one in the front has a length of some 75 cm. 4

Complete Austrian telegraph table with embosser by Leopolder & Sohn. 3

The Selfwinding Stockticker made by T.A. Edison Inc. (patent around 1902). 3

Most probably the oldest Morse register in France. It is a weight driven one, bearing a Breguet label. 8

The same register/relay as the previous image with the cover and reel removed. 8

Four galvanometers. Bottom left, a typical Swiss design. Bottom right, a very old Breguet, and upper right one from the French army Telegraphe Militaire. 1

German ABC type receiver. The dial is in enamel. 3

The Breguet key, 100% original, is somewhat special in that it has a second, smaller key on the same board. It was probably used to call in the messenger boy. 2

This is a French SIT (Societe Industrielle des Telephones) phone from 1919. The little girl, Lisa, is Fons's granddaughter ! 1

Italian transportable Morse station by Pio-Pion. 3

The well known Ericcson skeleton model. This one is from a very early system-- 1895. The girl at left, Kristien, is Fons's daughter. 2

Early French embosser (most probably Breguet). 2

Nice French galvanometer. 2

Small embosser. 2

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