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Very attractive Geissler tubes. 3

Various Geissler tubes, filled with coloured liquid. The lengths vary from 15 to 52 cm ! 4

Steljes-type telegraph by The Exchange Telegraph Company (U.K.). 3

Very old French military telegraph by Digney- Paris. 6

Early Belgian embosser by E.Sacré. 3

French military telegraph by SIT- model of 1907. 1

Swedish "Key On Board" by L.M. Ericsson, Stockholm. 3

Swedish repeater station by L.M. Ericcson, Stockholm. 3

Very early French needle telegraph by Foy & Breguet. The needle could adopt one of eight positions simulating the signal arm of the (optical) Chappe system. Two consecutive signals represented a figure between 1 and 64. Consecutive figures referred to a word or an expression. 7

Mirror galvanometer for use as a receiver on submarine cables. This one is by the Telegraph Works Silvertown (London). 3

Combined ABC (dial) and printing telegraph by Bénévolo- Lyon (France). 4

Telephone by L.M. Ericsson (Stockhom)- model of 1892. 7

Left a telephone by Grammont (Paris) of 1910 and right an S.I.T. (Paris) from 1919. 2-3

Two telescopes -circa 1815- used with the optical Chappe telegraphs. One was used in Paris, the other on the line to Milan. Such a telescope is the oldest artifact that one can collect in the world of telegraphy. 3

Toy single-needle telegraphs; two are from John J. Griffin, London. 3

Right: replica of the coherer by Branly. Left: Ducretet coherer with decoherer system. 4

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