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The famous V24 tube by Marconi. 3

Large induction coil with hammer and mercury interrupters. 3

Single disk Omnigraph practice instrument. 1

First radio tube (triode), made by Philips (ideezet). 3

Tangent galvanometer by Siemens & Halske. 4

First radio tube made by Siemens & Halske, model A. 4

Three single-needle telegraphs mainly used by British railways. 1-3-5

Tesla system (high frequency high voltage). 4

Galvanometer for use in laboratory and for field testing. 3

Three telegraph bells- the left one must be wound up. 7

"Key On Board" sets by Bunnell (camelback key), Menominee, and British Post Office. 2-5

Voltaic pile. 3

Tape perforator for the Wheatstone high speed telegraph. 5

Two old French telephones (circa 1910). 4

Two-channel register by J.H. Bunnell (N.Y.). 3

Various Geissler and Crookes tubes. 3

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