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Three old relays. 2-3

Two old relays. 1

On the left Arc transmitter (Ruhmkorff induction coil) and on the right coherer detector. 4

Two toy telegraphs. 3

Baudot relay (left) and Baudot repeater (right). 7

Three toy telegraphs of the dial or ABC type. 4-2

Dial or ABC telegraph by Siemens & Halske circa 1850. 3

Deprez D Arsonal galvanometer. 4

Anglo German telegraph cable laid August 1891. 6

Duplex sounder on left, Belgian drum sounder on right. 1

Various keys. 1-5

Elliot mirror-galvanometer used as a sensitive receiver on undersea cables. 3

Portable French army telegraph. 3

Various sounders by Richez, Western Electric, and Menominee. 1-4

Four double keys, BPO (UK), Bunnell (USA), Muirhead (UK), and Ducretet (France). 7-3-5

Information booklet for passengers on ships fitted with Marconi equipment. 3

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