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Double current key used with the single-needle telegraph and also the double-plate sounder. 2

Large induction coil by Ducretet, in use in the early years of wireless circa 1900. 4

Five relays. 2-3

GPO (British) key, Pat. 1854 ! 3

GPO (British) key. 2

Ground telegraph which used the earth as a transmission medium (up to 5 kilometers). From World War I. 3

Some special sounders. 3

Marconi 10 inch induction coil. 4

Old French Morse telegraph with relay. 7

Very old Morse telegraph. 6

Marconi coherer circa 1899. 4

Tangent galvanometer. 3

Ticker (receive only) used by Agence Havas in France (early 20th century). 3

Mirror galvanometer by Sullivan. 3

Various switches. 2

Italian Morse telegraph Sab-Milano. 1

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