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Wheatstone speed telegraph Morse receiver circa 1880. 3

Morse signal lamp used on ships for visual signaling. This is a 250 mm Signaling Projector. 3

Camelback telegraph key. 6

A railway telegraph table with a register by C. Lorenz. 5

Heliograph. This was used to send Morse code with reflected sunlight. 2

Siphon recorder/undulator by Lauritzen. 4

Unique double plate sounder in resonator with polarized relay. 1

Close-up image of a plate sounder. 1

Toy register from Radiguet & Massiott. 2

Remote Printer by Siemens and Halske, circa 1898. Not a teletype, but a true telegraph. The principle of operation is the same as that of the Hughes instruments. 4

Universal telegraph stock ticker. This is the famous model from Thomas Edison (1872-1873). 4

Toy or demonstration Morse registers. 2

Wheatstone transmitter for Morse punched tape, circa 1875. The mechanism is driven by a weight. The transmitter is shown sitting on its original transport box. 5

Four different lightning arrestors. 1

Keyboard and distributor for Baudot telegraph by J. Carpentier of Paris France. 3-2

Typical French Morse telegraph by Digney. 3

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