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Ticker Panels 3A & 1A used at the cental site of a stock ticker system. 3

A 19th century Volta pile. 3

Marconi W.T.Cy. condensor block for use with the Maggie 3

Marconi W.T.Cy. Galvanometer. 3

Marconi W.T.Cy. telephone transformer for use with the Maggie. 2

Telephone made in 1879 by the Gilliland Cy. for the Int. Bell Tel. Cy (Antwerp). 8

Very interesting coherer, most probably Ducretet. 3

This is a "double pen" register with automatic start and stop by Greeley. 2

Here you can see the extra mechanism for the automatic start and stop. 2

An old Siemens & Halske Morse telegraph. 5

A rather old American Morse register by Charles T Chester. 6

A nice KOB from Patrick & Carter. 6

An early Morse telegraph by Breguet. 5

Two more test switches. 1

Very rare Siemens & Halske register from 1853 (used between St.-Petersburg and Sebastopol during the Crimean war).

A pretty and special fire-house register “Frederick-Pearce“ (by Gamewell).

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