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The inside: clockwork and electromagnet of this ABC telegraph. 6

A replica of Samuel Morse's second telegraph of 1846 (original in the Smithsonian). 3

Detail of the electromagnet. 3

Detail of the clockwork. 3

Compare with his first one of 1844. 9

A siphon recorder by Muirhead (England). 2

The same without the cover. 2

The siphon and the trembler. 2

The first Austrian telegraph: 1852. 8

Seven different Breguet transmitters. 1-3-5

This rare Breguet transmitter could serve three receivers. 6

Replica of one of the earliest Marconi coherer receivers. 5

Detail of the coherer/decoherer. 5

A dial telegraph by Ducretet (Paris). 4

The back side. 4

A big German didactical poster. 7

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