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A detail of this "Thomson" galvanometer. 7

Another Wheatstone high speed tape transmitter. This one is driven by an electric motor. 4

A detail of the flexible coupling between the motor and the transmitter. 4

Another Wheatstone high speed receiver. This one is made by Elliott (London). 1

A simple Morse toy (Geobra). 3

This relay plus sounder is made by Walters Electric (London). 1

This is also quite a find ! A Breguet all-in-one: transmitter, receiver, galvanometer, and bell. 6

Side view of this transportable Breguet. 6

It was clearly designed in combination with Crossley for the British market: see the pound, shilling and pence characters. 6

This is a French "party game" based on the action of a messenger boy. The toy ABC telegraph goes with it, and the bell plays an active roll. 4

This is an uncommon model by Siemens & Halske: a complete table with an embosser. It seems that it was a cheap version to replace the ink writer. 3

Here you can see the detail of the embosser (relief) writing system. 3

Five of the earliest (1877-1880) telephones in the world; 2 from Bell and 3 from Siemens & Halske. 3

A splendid portable Ericsson telegraph (this one has never been used!). 3

The back view of this telegraph. 3

A very rare Breguet dial telegraph. The transmitter and receiver are integrated in one box. 6

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