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Two cable pieces of the very first transatlantic cable (1858). 3

An ugly box with some pretty stuff inside. 8

It contains a paper tape puncher and the paper tape. 8

Unfold the cover and you have a paper stand. 8

The heart of it is the paper tape puncher. 8

A very nice cable tester bridge by Siemens & Halske (Berlin). 5

The second ABC telegraph made by the Belgian P. Lippens (circa 1852). Transmitter and receiver are housed in the same box. 6

The inside is very well preserved. 6

Another view of the fine interior. 6

The pushbuttons belong to the transmitter, and the pointing needle is the receiver. 6

A good looking Swedish bell plus galvanometer in the same housing. 1

A replica of the Marconi guillotine key, made by Phil Boyle. 1

A splendid and very early French PTT tangent galvanometer and resistance box (shunt). 3

A top view of this tangent galvanometer. 3

The maker's name. 3

A splendid Thomson (Lord Kelvin) mirror galvanometer made by Breguet (Paris). 7

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