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A beautiful signal lantern (photo Brian Willer). 3

Climbing spikes worn by linemen when servicing pole lines. 2

This is a very rare Silvertown single needle instrument that was used in alarm signalling systems. 8

GPO sounder in a nice semi-parabolic acoustic reflector. 3

This is not a bipolar, but possibly an incremental key. 2

Simple ABC telegraph toy. 4

A very elegant key at the back side of this toy telegraph. 4

A Tesla system by Griffin. 4

And another one, here the coils are submerged in oil. 3

Two Tillosauruses came up when I cleaned the item in the next image… 7

This Tillotson embosser is driven by a spring motor. 7

This became immediately one of my favourites. It is a Breguet style ABC telegraph by Digney Frères (Paris) with some very special features. 6

It can be connected to two lines, and each line has an indicator. 6

The transmitter is controlled by clockwork (invented by Chambrier). In this way it sends automatically the current impulses on the line at a constant rate. 6

A view of the transmitter's clockwork. 6

The internal view of the receiver's mechanism. 6

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