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Jonas is speaking through the first commercial model of Graham Bell's telephone of 1877. Lisa is listening via the first Siemens & Halske telephone of 1878. I am the telegram deliverer...3

The cover of my book with a European camelback key. 1

A three arm White Company resonator with the sounder inside. 2

Australian key with switch. 2

A very old G.M. Phelps sounder, also marked G.P.O. 3

The typical Belgian sounder (sounders were only permitted here beginning in the 1890s). 2

A very old Belgian relay. 5

The typical Belgian Victor type key. 8

Deep-sea section of the 1865/66 Atlantic cable. 4

A beautiful ticker on a pedestal by the British Exchange Telegraph Company. 3

Inside the pedestal one can see the paper tape wheel and the weight that drives the mechanics. 3

The printing receiver without the glass dome. 3

Replica, made by Phil Boyle, of the Marconi grasshopper key. 2

Replica of the Correspondent made by Vail for Samuel Morse. 2

A beautiful telegraph table with a register made by Lewert, Berlin. 8

Typical old Belgian isolators. 3

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