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A very nice and very old Breguet galvanometer. 6

Telegraph switch with lightning protector. 8

Detail of the lightning protector element. 8

A tool to measure the height of the telegraph poles (based upon geometry). 2

A silver (nickel plated) and a gold (brass) model of a typical Italian telegraph. 2

A very old battery by Meidinger. 3

Some paper tape wheels and (re-)winders. 1-6

A portable (military) Russian telegraph. 3

A simple signal lamp (Navy?). 3

A signal lamp system (WW II) used by the army. The lamp sits on a tripod. 4

The light signals are given with a typical military Morse key. 4

A particular Swiss key used by the master in a Morse training class. 3

Another nice Tesla system. 4

A dial element (goes up and down and rotates) of a Strowger exchange switch for automatic telephone dialing. 1

A nice (telephone) crosstalk meter by The Cambridge and Paul Instrument Company (England). 3

This obvious plain telephone is a highly sought after item in Germany. The dial is very special. 4

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