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Another double needle telegraph by Cooke and Wheatstone of the early 1840s. 3

A look inside this double needle telegraph. 3

A very rare and early model (circa 1845) of the single needle telegraph by Cooke & Wheatstone. 6

A look inside, from the back. 6

The coding (not yet Morse !) for the alphabetic characters. For example, A is two clicks to the left. 6

The coding for the figures and some special messages. 6

Another model of a Wheatstone high speed receiver. 2

The backside of this Wheatstone receiver. 2

Very early model of a double tapper key. 3

Telegraph made by the Dutch company Caminada in Rotterdam (NL). 3

A kind of a "Key On Board" with a buzzer by ATM (England). 2

This is a 8 x 8 matrix switch allowing different terminals to be switched to different lines. 2

An old bell. 2

Six Grenet batteries. 3

Special relays including an Increment Quadruplex, a Kamm's patent, and a Creed and a Theiler's patent (1876). 2-3

A view from above of those special relays. 2-3

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