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Typical British key. 2

The makers name: Walters. 2

Very early and interesting German weight driven embosser by Kräntzer. 7

Alarm register and paper winder by Harrington-Seaberg (Moline-ILL). 3

A view on the mechanisms of the Harrington-Seaberg items. 3

Very old rewinder. 4

A Tesla system whereby the primary coil is embedded in oil. 4

A transmitter for a Breguet ABC telegraph. The two switches allow selection of two different telegraph lines (destinations). 5

Detailed view of one of the switches. 5

A toy or a training sounder. 4

Replica of the Bourbouze (steam engine design) DC electromotor (1865), made by my friend Anton Stoelwinder. 4

The other side of the Bourbouze motor. 4

Polydor Lippens was one of the few Belgian designers of telegraphs. This ABC model is from 1852. 6

The top dial is the receiver. The transmission was done with the handle. In between, the primitive galvanometer. 6

The inside, including a bell (for which he also got a patent), is really nice! 6

Demonstration/toy ABC telegraph by Breton Frères (Paris). It was already in their catalogue of 1852! 8

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