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The other side of the Exchange Telegraph Company stock ticker. 3

Four small keys, used with toy telegraphs. 2

A box with 6 Grenet batteries. Here the electrodes are in the rest (up) position. 4

And here you see the electrodes in the active position. 4

A discharger by Griffin (England). 4

A Henley transmitter (UK, 1850s). Box closed. 3

The Henley transmitter. 3

A nice Holz electricity machine (1H1900). 4

A pretty old Briggs induction coil (England 2H1900). 4

The technician that did the repair work on board ships in the harbour used this key. He disconnected the Marconi key and put this one in. Note the clip to fix this key on the table. 1

A British military KOB (1Q1900). 3

A labo key. 2

A very well preserved Marconi siphon recorder (undulator). 4

Top view of the Marconi undulator. 4

Mirror galvanometers and scales. 1-3-5

Old French relay by Digney (3Q1900). 2

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