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Classic Breguet telegraph (France 4Q1900-1Q2000). 5

Three Breguet keys. 5

Bright Bells system (England 1850s). An audible telegraph and the predecessor of the Double Plate Sounder. 3

Bright Bells: top view with the relay. 3

A quite unique and beautiful Siemens & Halske coherer/decoherer. Germany early 1900. 4

Detail of the S & H coherer/decoherer. 4

A toy dial (ABC) telegraph by Bénévolo (France). 4

A very interesting British double key for use on undersea cables. 4

The bottom of this double key. 4

Another view of this double key. 4

Another two-needle railway block telegraph. 4

A special Ducretet key (France). 2

An Ericsson wall telephone. 2

A large Ericsson wall telephone. 3

A medium size Ericsson wall telephone. 5

An interesting stock ticker made by the British Exchange Telegraph Company. 3

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